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Happy New Year!

Beginning a new year with a fresh calendar and high hopes for a great 2013, I have put together some suggestions for helping prospective sellers with the top items that will help to sell their home.  Over the next 3 months I am going to make suggestions for getting your home ready to sell, to get the highest return on your investments.  Whatever your budget, you can put your best foot forward and help your home sell in the least amount of time for the highest dollar.

In the St. Augustine market, we are seeing an upswing in sales.  Inventory is down and the opportunities to sell are better than in the past 5 years.   There are some key elements to getting your home sold and doing it in the shortest amount of time with the best returns.

We all know that “location, location” is a key in real estate, but to get the top return on your dollar you must have the condition to go along.   

1.        How old is your roof?   Believe it or not a roof can be a show stopper.   Roofs are a large expense, but if yours is not in good condition and over 14 years old, your new buyer may have trouble getting homeowners insurance.   Roof credits or even replacing your roof may be a good investment. 

2.       How are the other systems in your home?  Plumbing, electrical systems, HVAC?   These are the very non-glamorous items that could put your home at the bottom of the buyers list. 

3.       CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! Many imperfections can be over looked, but if your home is not sparkling clean you are cheating yourself out of bottom line dollars.  Put more money in your pocket with a good deep cleaning before you put your house on the market.  Cleaning your carpets included.  Need I say it?  DE-CLUTTER.

4.       Exterior Perceptions!  Put on your buyer’s glasses when you drive up to your house.  Pretend that you are being asked to spend your ideal sales price on the home you are trying to sell.  

Is your exterior fresh and well maintained?

Do you need to paint?

Are the soffits clean and free from mildew?

Is the yard mowed and presentable?

Do you have a clear path to the front door?

Is the front porch swept clean, free from spider webs and bees?

Does your front door need replacing?

Is the driveway cracked and in need of attention?


Ok, enough to think about in January.   If you just take one idea from this list, you may increase your potential to sell and add dollars to your bottom line.   Buyers are choosing new homes over re-sales because many home owner/sellers have not maintained their properties and still feel they deserve the top dollar the market has to offer.  Don’t get caught in this trap.  


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March: Trends for 2013

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